Cannabis Consulting & Solutions Providers

Cannabis Consulting & Solutions Providers


From the Grow-Room to the Board-Room... Seasoned Expertise

Washington "State" to Washington, "DC." our team & collaborative services stands out in this "sea of green" and "white-noise"

License Application Support • Executive Management  •  Legal Counsel • Team Acquisition  • Branding  •  Licensing  • Product Development  •  Sales & Marketing  Architecture &  Interior  Design •  Cultivation  •  Processing / MIPs  •  Testing  •  Finance •  M&A  

Our team consists of experienced professions in:  Law,  Finance, Banking,  Business Management,  Government Affairs,  Law Enforcement, Marketing,  Entertainment & Sports Licensing | Branding, Science & Technology. These seasoned professionals have assembled to collaborate and bring solutions to select clients in this lucrative and ever changing & challenging to navigate industry.

We have extensive experience inside and outside the Cannabis Industry, holding many advisory positions in relevant organizations as well as "roll-up-your-sleeve" dig in the soil grows to sitting with and crafting legislation with Government and Law-Makers.Whether you need support in license procurement, purchasing a existing operation, maximizing revenue, developing licensing, branding, or new product development, we can execute. Professionally and with confidence.

Our network of top minds and experts available to you and your organization is second-to-none!

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